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:: Moving Over to Big Sands

When we woke up this morning, we didn't have too much planned for the day. The main thing was that Mr. Bipolar wanted Pete to come down to the dive shop to do a few cert dives. The rest of us were happy to take it easy for the day, since the last few days had been pretty action packed.

Pete crams by reading Tim's diving magazines

"NO! I say pink form goes LAST"

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, Amy and I reserved a room at the Big Sands hotel for the last two days of our stay. It's not that Tim and Cambria's place wasn't great, we just wanted to check out the hotel to see if it was as cool as it looked. Plus, the thought of taking a hot shower the morning before our long flight home made it tough to pass up. Anyways, the five of us caught a van over to the hotel this morning. We figured that we might as well make the most of the hotel's amenities today. We pretty much spent most of the morning lounging about on the porch, watching the island birds choke down the leftover table scraps we fed them.

Each room has its own patio

Nice couches, too

And friendly neighbors..

When it was mid-afternoon, Pete headed back over to the dive shop so he could complete his SCUBA certification lessons. When we met up with him later, he told us that the lessons seemed to be stuff the dive master was making up on the spot. Sure he did the normal things they ask you to do (i.e., clear your mask, practice your emergency ascent), but then there were a few odd things. Like "ok, swim as far as you can underwater, holding your breath, and I'll tell you if it's far enough". The best was that the guy told Pete with a straight face, "ok, I want you to swim over to that guy's boat over there, unscrew his propeller, and bring it back to me." Pete wanted to know what his cut of the action would be.

Since the previous dives had gone pretty well, our gang tossed around the idea of trying out a night dive. The concept of diving at night is pretty scary- in addition to worrying about all the normal problems (like breathing underwater), you have the added problem of not being able to easily see what's around you. Sure you bring a light along with you, but the light only goes in the direction you point it. Plus what about all those creepy things that live in the water and only come out at night?

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