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:: Off to Union Island via Grenada

Ok, so it's back to the travel log entries. This week Amy and I are going to visit our friends Tim and Cambria in the Caribbean. For those of you who don't know them, Tim and Cambria have been Peace Corps volunteers since.. late 1999. Originally they were assigned to Macedonia (see their website, read their cool journal). Unfortunately, civil war started to break out in 2001 and the PC evacuated all of its volunteers (not before T+C saw live mortar fire). After a bit of culture shock in the US (e.g., a wedding with a sea lion show), T+C reenlisted in the PC and got a new assignment in the Caribbean. They're now on Union Island, which is a tiny island just north of Grenada. Being that (1) Tim and Cambria are the coolest people we know and (2) we've been promising to visit since they left, Amy worked out all the travel details last week so we could go see them.

Just three long hops away

As it turns out, getting to Union Island is a bit of a hassle. Today we flew from Atlanta to Miami to San Juan (Puerto Rico) to Grenada. Tomorrow, we'll catch a boat or two to get to the actual island. There were the usual setbacks today that make traveling a pain. We had to get up at 5am, we waited for a Marta train for 45 minutes in the cold, there was a three hour layover in Miami, etc. But hey, we're going to the Caribbean, so we can't really complain. Anyways, we got through Grenada customs at about 9pm. What a long day. It wouldn't feel like traveling, though, if it didn't seem like you were taking days off the end of your life.

Once we cleared customs ("What did you bring with you?" "Clothes....and.. uh.. Clothes."), we caught a taxi to our hotel. Taxis are kind of funny here- most of them are those euro mini-vans, and the owners usually have a lot of pride in their rides. Our taxi had the word "Flames" scrawled across the top of the windshield, and the floor in the back had been covered with black and white vinyl floor tiles (like what you'd find in a kitchen). Anyways, the hotel was pretty close to a harbor and was a welcome site to the end of the day. In addition to having AC and a TV, the place had a pretty good restaurant that stayed open late. While we were curious about the area, we were just too tired to do any exploring, and instead crashed for the night.

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